Watershed Council (PUR)

PURWatershed Council (PUR-Partnership for Umpqua Rivers)

This board position is occupied by a DCLA representative who attends monthly PURs meetings and occasional other special meetings for this watershed council and reports back what is going on or planned at the monthly DCLA Board meetings. PURs has a diverse representation of interest groups each having a chairperson (and vote) at each meeting. PURs mission through collaboration with these diverse participants is to maintain and improve fish populations and water quality from source to sea in streams of the Umpqua. The watershed council has a very information rich web site that folks should visit if they have interest.

Paul Heberling 541-440-3791 DCLA Representative

PURs web site: www.umpquarivers.org 
Executive Director - Eric Riley 541-673-5756 x159

Water Resources

WheellineThis Board position is responsible for keeping the board informed on water availability issue based on reports from the Oregon Water Resources and Douglas County Natural Resources Departments.

Paul Heberling
DCLA Representative

For more information:
Oregon Water Resources Department: http://www.wrd.state.or.us 
If you have local water rights questions contact Susan Douthit, Local District Specialist: 541-440-4255

Legislative Issues

The DCLA legislative committee monitors activity at the Oregon State Legislature. The committee monitors proposed legislation that may impact Agriculture and livestock production in general and Douglas County specifically. Committee members meet annually with Douglas County representatives to discus relevant issues.  Click the title to see more.


Predator Damage


Burn Committee

The Burn Committee is a liaison between Douglas Forest Protection Association (DFPA) and livestock producers who use burning as a tool for pasture management.

The committee has an annual breakfast meeting with DFPA in the month of July to update burners on new rules and burning issues. Producers use this meeting to ask questions and voice their concerns. Click the title to see more.