The Douglas County Livestock Association has created two youth advisory board member positions to serve one year appointed terms. Youth members will have the opportunity to become involved in numerous local and regional agricultural events, while gaining valuable experience and knowledge regarding agriculture in Douglas County.  Click the title to read more.

The Douglas County Livestock Association (DCLA) is interested in promoting educational and financial opportunities that are relative to the beef industry to Douglas County students. In doing so, the youth who participate in the DCLA Beef Heifer Replacement Program (DCLAHRP) will gain knowledge and experience in selection, feeding, breeding, exhibiting and marketing livestock. It is the hopes of the DCLA that the student will build his/her breeding herd in order to receive financial and educational benefits.  Click the title to see more.

The Douglas County Lamb Show has a long history of being an exhibition of the products of the sheep .  Today, the DCLA is the organizing body behind this event which includes the Junior Livestock Auction, Lamb barbecue, and other events.  Click the title to see more.

The U.V.J.C. is a junior livestock show designed for youth to exhibit their projects in a competitive environment. It's a one day show held at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Roseburg, Oregon. The show normally attracts 80-100 head of both steers and heifers from all over Oregon and Northern California. Steers are weighed and split into classes accordingly. Heifer classes are determined by breed and age.  In 2015 sheep were added to the UVJC line-up.  Click the title to see more.