Wool Pool

The Wool Pool is a marketing effort organized by the DCLA in order to help sheep producers maximize return on their wool each year.  The Pool sells all wool submitted as one load and organizes the pick up date.   DCLA acts only as an agent in this process and does not actually purchase or sell any wool itself.  One of the benefits of DCLA membership is being able to market your wool through the Wool Pool.

Purebreed Breeder's

The Douglas County purebred committee is here to help breeders get the tools to improve their herds. This is done by putting on an Artificial Insemination school every other year. This allows breeders to breed their stock to animals from every part of the country and at very reduced cost compared to having to purchase that particular animal. The other is through our ultrasound clinic. It is put on annually in the beginning of March. This allows better accuracy and data which can help improve herd performance. These programs are assisted by the OSU Extension Service.